Meet The Team

Sara Holbrook - Owner

My name is Sara although you might know me as @hairby_sair from Instagram.

I’ve been a hairstylist for over 11 years and I am amazed at how fast this industry changes! I am totally passionate about all things education! I love learning, but over the last few years I’ve really found this new love for teaching.

My husband john and I have 2 kids and 3 fur babies. My creativity stems further than just hair, I love woodworking, macramé and have taken a special interest in the interior home design of our northern cottage.

Creating ESS & CAY with Kaitlin has ignited my passion to truly change your salon appointments, to an experience you look forward to each and every time.

Kaitlin Ward - Owner

Its me Kait or better known as @kwhair_. If you’re here, its because you took a special interest in getting to know us a little better, so thank you for that! We are so excited to have you.

I am passionate as heck about anything I do. Whether it’s picking the perfect shade of paint for my kitchen cupboards (that I’m going to repaint a dozen times anyways- if you’re a long time kwhair follower you’ve watched this happen first hand) or each and every foil that goes into your hair. I tackle way too many things at once and live 99% of my life in organized chaos (largely contributing to the newly found grey hairs on my husbands head). I invest my whole heart in just about everything that brings me joy, and yes it's true I’m a lover of all things blonde (although I truly do enjoy anything that sets my creative juices on fire).

It was an interesting road that led Sara and I to open up shop together, and I can safely say it has been the best thing that has ever happened in my professional career. I am a new mom who is learning to navigate the waters of owning a business and a baby all at the same time (ok well I guess I don’t own her… or maybe I do? LOL). Needless to say my heart is full. I am super grateful for my husband Mike, along with all of my family and friends who continue to be my biggest cheerleaders in every adventure I embark on.

I have this simple philosophy: follow the butteries. Whatever makes you excited or nervous or feel alive, go there.

Madison Cantelope - Sr. Stylist

Hello! Its me- Madison Cantelope, more so known as @hairbycantelope on Instagram . I’ve had a passion for hair since I was a little girl, growing up with sisters we always did each others hair. So naturally I jumped at the chance to pursue hair as a career. I started my journey in high school cosmetology and then assisting at my first salon. Shortly after, I received my diploma in hairstyling, completed my apprenticeship and obtained my license setting me up for the career of my dreams. My favourite spot to be is behind the chair creating blondes and lived in looks.

Some of my guilty pleasures include, the ability to eat Subway almost every single day and my obsession with YouTube vlogs! I truly enjoy the relationships I have with my clients. I love the whole experience of hair, from when they walk in to the smile across their face at the end of our session. Being able to give my guests the ultimate confidence boost is such a rewarding time for me. I am a little bit of a perfectionist which I’ve learned to love!

This is a little bit about me and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Rebecca Loveless - Intermediate Stylist

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, or Becca/Bex for short! You can find me on Instagram at @bexbeautyy.

I first got involved in hair in 2017 when I became an assistant to a hairstylist part-time during my makeup artistry certification program, and I immediately fell in love with it! I love the versatility, the infinite amount of looks you can create, and seeing the happiness and confidence I can help encourage in my clients. Aiding you in loving your hair is so fulfilling for me. I love colour, especially blonding but I’m also equally passionate about working with fashion shades and rainbow colours! Fun fact: I get an itch to color my own hair light pink or purple from time to time and it never disappoints! 

I love spending time cottaging up north and travelling! Interior design is also one of my favourite past times and I’ll never say no to a nice glass of wine! 

I am beyond excited and grateful to continue my journey in hair at ESS & CAY with these amazing and talented ladies. I cannot wait to meet all you throughout your visits at our incredible space.