Services & Consultations

At ESS & CAY, we pride ourselves in approaching each client and each service with the utmost care and precision, no two heads are the same! All of our services are customized specifically for each individual and their specific hair needs.

Haircutting $75-80+
In-Salon treatments $15-75+
Blowout $50+
Keratin smoothing $300+


In order to be able to give our best estimate on any color service costs, a complimentary in person or online consultation must be done prior to booking.

Service costs are dependent upon time needed, product used and experience.

If you wish to proceed with an in-person consultation please call or email ( to schedule a date and time. If choosing to proceed with an online consultation, please send us an email or DM us or your desired stylist on Instagram with all of the required information stated below.

1) Current photos of your hair (from the front, back and side) in natural lighting (try to position yourself so you are facing a window).

2) Any inspiration photos you may have of the color and/or cut that you would like to achieve.

3) A 3-year history on what services you’ve been doing or had done to your hair (including all previous at home or salon color services and chemical treatments such as perms, straightening or smoothing treatments).

4) Your current home care product regime (please include the names of the products you are currently using at home for shampoo, conditioner, any treatments, leave-in products and or styling products).

5) How often you use hot-tools (this includes use of the blow-dryer, flat iron and curling iron).

6) Please let us know if you wash your hair frequently in hard water or well water or if your hair is exposed to chlorine often.

We understand that this process can be tedious however with much experience we have found this to be our most successful approach to avoiding any errors in communication regarding achievable results, appointment length and cost. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any additional questions regarding our services.